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  2. 304 Stainless Steel Oil Filter 340 x225
  3. 304 Stainless Steel Oil Filter 340 x225

304 Stainless Steel Oil Filter 340 x225

Product: Stainless Steel Oil Filter Element
Media: 304 Stainless steel
Dimension: 340x225
Custom made: Avaliable
Interface: Flange DN200

This filter is made of advanced stainless steel, which is resistant to corrosion, rust, and oxidation. This makes it very suitable for use in harsh environments and irritating chemicals, while maintaining optimal performance and lifespan. This oil filter is durable and designed specifically for reliability.

Type Stainless Steel Oil Filter
Dimension 340x225
Filter layer 304 Stainless steel
Custom made Avaliable
Interface Flange DN200






The standards for stainless steel filters mainly include GB/T 20801.1-6 Pressure Pipeline Specification Industrial Pipeline, GB 13296 Stainless Steel Seamless Steel Pipe for Boiler and Heat Exchanger, etc. These standards cover safety technical supervision of stainless steel pipes and fittings, pressure pipeline specifications for industrial pipelines, and technical requirements for seamless stainless steel pipes for boilers and heat exchangers. In addition, there are standards such as GB/T 12459 seamless steel fittings, GB 14525 general technical conditions for corrugated metal hoses, GB 18615 non alloy steel and stainless steel joints for corrugated metal hoses, JB/T 2776 high-pressure lens gaskets for valve components, GB/T 5099 seamless steel gas cylinders, NB/T 47013.1-6 non-destructive testing of pressure equipment, JB/T 4711 coating and transportation packaging for pressure vessels, etc. These standards together constitute the quality assurance system for stainless steel filters and related components.



  1. Ultrasonic cleaning method
By using longitudinal waves to act on the cleaning solution, a certain number of sufficiently small vacuum bubbles are generated. When these vacuum bubbles cannot withstand pressure, they will burst and rely on the generated impact force to achieve flushing of the stainless steel filter element.
2. Baking cleaning method
This method is currently not widely used in most industries, so it will not be repeated here. As you all know, having this method is sufficient.
3. Reverse water cleaning method
Sometimes also known as backwashing method, this method uses inert gas, such as nitrogen, to backwash in the opposite direction of stainless steel filter filtration.
4. Solution cleaning method
Soak the stainless steel filter element in a 5% sodium hydroxide solution or nitric acid solution for 1 hour. Depending on the degree of contamination of the stainless steel filter element, the soaking time can be appropriately extended or shortened. Then, dry the filter element with clean air.

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