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  2. Replace Hydraulic Oil Filter Element SH51006
  3. Replace Hydraulic Oil Filter Element SH51006

Replace Hydraulic Oil Filter Element SH51006

Part number: SH51006
End caps: Plastic
Material: Fiberglass + Spray plastic mesh
Inner skeleton: Carbon steel punched plate
Sealing ring: Viton

The SH51006 filter is designed to fit a wide range of hydraulic systems and is manufactured to meet or exceed OEM specifications. The filter is constructed using high-grade materials and features advanced filtration technology, ensuring optimal performance even under the most demanding operating conditions. This filter element is easy to install and provides a cost-effective solution for improving hydraulic system performance and minimizing downtime.

Part number SH51006
End caps Plastic
Inner skeleton Carbon steel punched plate
Material Fiberglass + Spray plastic mesh
Replacement cycle of hydraulic oil filter element:


1. Hydraulic oil filters are used in hydraulic systems to filter out solid particles and colloidal substances in the working medium, effectively controlling the pollution level of the working medium, protecting the safe operation of the machine, and extending the service life of the machine;


2. In general, the replacement cycle for the hydraulic oil suction filter element is every 2000 hours, and the replacement cycle for the hydraulic oil return filter element is the first 250 hours, followed by every 500 hours


3. If it is a steel plant, the working environment is relatively harsh, and frequent replacement of filter elements can affect production. It is recommended to regularly take hydraulic oil samples and send them to check the cleanliness of the liquid, and then determine a reasonable replacement cycle










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