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  2. Punching plate Hydraulic Oil Filter WX63X30
  3. Punching plate Hydraulic Oil Filter WX63X30

Punching plate Hydraulic Oil Filter WX63X30

Type: Punching plate Hydraulic Oil Filter WX63X30
Efficency: 25μm
Pressure: 3bar
Out Diameter:  80mm
Length: 110mm

The Punching plate Hydraulic Oil Filter WX63X30 installed in the oil circuit of the hydraulic system to remove the worn-out metal powder and other mechanical impurities in the hydraulic system to keep the oil circuit clean, which can extend the life of the hydraulic system.

Product Punching plate Hydraulic Oil Filter WX63X30
Efficency 25μm
Pressure 3bar
Out Diameter 80mm
Length 110mm
maintenance method:


1. Put off the original hydraulic oil before changing, check the oil return filter, oil absorption filter, pilot filter to see if there are iron filings or other impurities attached. If there are any hydraulic components failure, after cleaning, the cleaning system .

2. When changing hydraulic oil, all hydraulic oil filter elements (return oil filter, oil suction filter, pilot filter) must be replaced at the same time, otherwise it is equivalent to no change.

3, identify the hydraulic oil label, different grades, different brands of hydraulic oil are not mixed, may react to deterioration and produce flocs, it is recommended to use the excavator to specify oil.

4. Before the refueling, the oil-absorbing filter element must be installed first. The nozzle of the oil-absorbing filter core is directly connected to the main pump. When the impurities are light, the main pump is accelerated and the pump is pumped.

5, refueling to the standard position, the oil tank generally has an oil level gauge, look at the liquid level gauge. Pay attention to the parking mode. Generally, all the cylinders are fully retracted, that is, the arm and bucket are fully extended and landed.

6, after adding the oil, pay attention to the main pump to discharge air, otherwise the light will temporarily no action, the main pump is abnormal (air blast), and the air pocket damages the main pump. The air exhaust method is to loosen the pipe joint directly on the top of the main pump and fill it up directly.



Industrial hydraulic fluids will mix in some impurities during use due to various reasons. The main impurities are mechanical impurities, water and air. These magazines will cause corrosion to increase, increase mechanical wear, reduce work efficiency, and reduce the oil product.


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