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  2. Hydraulic Oil Filter Glassfiber Element
  3. Hydraulic Oil Filter Glassfiber Element

Hydraulic Oil Filter Glassfiber Element

Type: Hydraulic Oil Filter Glassfiber Element
Micron: 25μm
Media:  Glassfiber
Out Diameter:  105mm
Length: 278mm

They come in different shapes and designs.

Standard filter elements have several pleated support and filtration layers.

Therefore, a hydraulic filter element is a device, designed to remove contaminants in fluids.

Product Hydraulic Oil Filter Glassfiber Element
Media Glassfiber
Out Diameter 105mm
Length 278mm

Steel, electric power, metallurgy, shipbuilding, aviation, paper, chemical, machine tools and engineering machinery, construction machinery and other fields.


The hydraulic oil filter is mainly made of stainless steel woven mesh, sintered mesh and iron mesh. Since it uses mainly fiberglass filter paper, chemical fiber filter paper and wood pulp filter paper, it has high concentricity and high pressure. It has good straightness. Its structure is made of single or multi-layer metal mesh and filter material. The number of layers and the mesh number of the mesh are determined according to different use conditions and uses.



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