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  3. Huahang Paper Oil Filter Cartridge

Huahang Paper Oil Filter Cartridge

Type: Huahang Paper Oil Filter Cartridge
End Cover: Carbon Steel
Skeleton: Carbon steel punched plate
Filtering Layer: Filter Paper
Dimension: 17*70*140

The paper oil filter can remove metal debris and mechanical impurities from the engine oil, which can cause increased wear of parts or cause scratches or burrs due to friction with the surface. Prevent serious accidents such as tile burning caused by blocked lubrication channels and poor lubrication. At the same time, the filtration effect can extend the service life of the engine oil.

Type Huahang Paper Oil Filter Cartridge
Skeleton Carbon steel punched plate
End Cover Carbon steel
Filtering Layer Filter paper
Features and Benefits:


Durable and long lifespan


High oil flow rate


Great with synthetic or conventional oil


Economical, practical and easy to install





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