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  2. Huahang Custom Oil Filter Element 18x30x100
  3. Huahang Custom Oil Filter Element 18x30x100

Custom Oil Filter Element 30x100

Type: Hydraulic oil filter element
Dimension: 18x30x100
Inner skeleton: 304 Punched plate
Filter layer: Composite fiberglass
End caps: Aluminum

Made from high-quality materials, the Huahang Custom Oil Filter Element is durable and built to withstand the harsh operating conditions often encountered in industrial applications. The filter element is designed to remove contaminants such as dirt, rust, and debris from the oil, ensuring that the oil flows smoothly through the system and protects your machinery from damage.

Type Hydraulic oil filter element
Media Composite fiberglass
Dimension 18x30x100
End caps Aluminum
Features and Benefits:


Durable and long lifespan


High oil flow rate


Great with synthetic or conventional oil


Economical, practical and easy to install





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