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  2. Huahang Replace CJC Filter A27-27
  3. Huahang Replace CJC Filter A27-27

Replace CJC Filter A27-27

Part number: A27-27
Dimension: Standard/Customized
Flow direction: Inside to outside
Custom made: Avaliable
Maximum working pressure difference: 5 Mpa

This replacement filter is specially designed to replace the CJC filter A27-27, which is widely used in various hydraulic systems and equipment. It features a high dirt-holding capacity and superior filtration efficiency that effectively removes contaminants from hydraulic fluids, thereby improving the performance and reliability of the equipment.

Part number A27-27
Dimension Standard/Customized
Filter area 3 ㎡
Application Oil removal of impurities
Application area:


This replacement filter is applicable to various industrial applications such as power generation, marine, oil and gas, and mining. It is compatible with a wide range of hydraulic equipment and systems, including pumps, motors, valves, and cylinders.








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