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  2. Polymer Melt Filter Element 240x865
  3. Polymer Melt Filter Element 240x865

Polymer Melt Filter Element 240x865

Type: Polymer Melt Filter Element
Media: Stainless steel
OD: 240
Height: 865
Interface: Flange + Handle

The Polymer Melt Filter Element 240x865 is suitable for filtering a wide range of high-viscosity polymer materials, including polypropylene, polyester, nylon, and many others. Its unique design ensures that it can remove impurities such as gels, black spots, metals, and other contaminants, ensuring a clean and pure end product.

Type Polymer melt filter element
OD 240
Height 865
Material Stainless steel



1. High efficiency filtration: The filter cartridge uses meltblown polypropylene with a large number of fine fiber layers to provide high-capacity filtration for suspended solids, turbidity, and particulate matter in water and other fluids. The filter cartridge provides up to 99.9% filtration efficiency.


2. Wide range of applications: The meltblown filter cartridge is suitable for a wide range of applications, including water treatment, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, food and beverage industry, and other industrial fields. It can effectively remove impurities, rust, and other contaminants from the solution, ensuring the quality of the final product.


3. Long service life: The filter cartridge is made of high-quality polypropylene meltblown, which is durable and has a long service life. It can effectively reduce the replacement frequency of filter cartridges and save costs.


4. Easy to install and maintain: The filter cartridge adopts a quick-release design, which is easy to install and remove, greatly reducing the replacement time and labor costs, and making maintenance more convenient and efficient.


5. High-temperature resistance and chemical resistance: The filter cartridge has excellent high-temperature resistance and chemical resistance, ensuring that it can operate effectively in harsh environments and maintain high filtration performance.


Products are widely used in petroleum, chemical, chemical fiber, aviation, aerospace, nuclear industry, pharmaceuticals, metallurgy, electric power, water treatment, food and beverage, coal chemical industries and other industries.



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