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Pleated Metal Melt Filter Element

Type: Pleated Metal Melt Filter Element
Media: Stainless Steel
Filtration rate: 1-200um
OD: 145mm
Length: 630mm

The Pleated Metal Melt Filter Element suitable for applications that require a strong filter cartridge to resist corrosive chemicals,and flow in the reverse direction during the cleaning process.

Type Pleated Metal Melt Filter Element
OD 145mm
Length 630mm
Media Stainless Steel
Filtration rate 1-200um


The melt filter is characterized by high porosity, fine permeability,small resistance, low operation differential pressure.

The folded filter will realize large filtration area and much more discharge capacity

High temperature and corrosion resistance, it is applicable to the high thick luquid filtration

Complete stainless steel structure, strong chemical compatibility.


Working Principle:


The filtration system adopts one filter for filtering and one stand-by filter operation mode to achieve continuous, uninterrupted filtration process. First, the polymer melt enters into the filter from the bottom and flows from outside to inside. Impurities are trapped on the filter surface and clean melt flows from the filter inside to the clean melt pipeline at the top of the filter, and then flows out of the filter. When the differential pressure reaches the preset value, the filter filtration efficiency slows down, and the control system will convey the melt to another filter. At the same time, the filter for filtering is replaced and washed.



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