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  3. Metal Candle Filter Cartridge

Metal Candle Filter Cartridge

Type: Metal Candle Filter Cartridge
Media: Stainless Steel
Filtration rate: Custom made
OD: Custom made
Length: Custom made

The Metal Candle Filter Cartridge effectively increase the filtration area and extend the replacement cycle, thus minimizing maintenance and maximizing production efficiency.They are available in various standard sizes to fit industry standard filter housings, as well as various non-standard sizes and configurations.

Type Metal Candle Filter Cartridge
OD Custom made
Length Custom made
Media Stainless Steel
Filtration rate Custom made


Low capital cost

High-porosity and good air permeability

High-dirt holding capacity

Long service life time

Hig-temperature resistance

Made entirely of SS304 or SS316, cleanable and reusable




Metal Candle Filter Cartridge is widely used in environmental protection, petroleum, chemical, medical treatment, high temperature gas filtration, scientific research, metallurgy, food, machinery and other industries.



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