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  2. Huahang Conical melt filter element 77x55.4
  3. Huahang Conical melt filter element 77x55.4

Conical melt filter element 77x55.4

Type: Huahang Conical melt filter element
Media: 316 stainless steel
OD: 77, 93.4
Height: 535.5
Custom made: Avaliable

The Huahang Conical melt filter element is made from high-quality metal and is designed to be long-lasting, requiring minimal maintenance over time. Its unique conical shape allows for easy replacement and ensures that contamination is contained during the removal process.

Type Huahang Conical melt filter element
OD 77, 93.4
Height 535.5
Material 316 stainless steel


One of the primary features of conical melt filter cartridges is their high filtration efficiency. These filter cartridges are designed to trap and remove even the smallest particles and impurities from the melt stream, thus ensuring consistent and high-quality end products. Additionally, these filter cartridges have a larger surface area compared to traditional flat filter cartridges, which allows for greater filtration capacity and longer operational life.




Products are widely used in petroleum, chemical, chemical fiber, aviation, aerospace, nuclear industry, pharmaceuticals, metallurgy, electric power, water treatment, food and beverage, coal chemical industries and other industries.



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