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Filter Candle Element

Type: Filter Candle Element
Media: SS Wire Mesh
Filtration rate: 20μm
OD: Custom made
High: Custom made

Filter Candle Element are cylindrical filter elements, which are produced flat or pleated (for the enlargement of the filter surface). Suitable connection techniques include gluing, welding and crimping. Filter candles and filter cartridges are used in almost all applications in the industrial solid-liquid separation

Type Filter Candle Element
OD Custom made
High Custom made
Media SS Wire Mesh
Filtration rate 20 μm
Max Temperature 200℃
Quality Control:


1. Every Filter Candle Element provided is bubble-point and air flow tested prior to shipment to ensure product integrity and performance.
2. All Filter Candle Element are laser marked for identification and easy tracing at bottom of end fittings.
3. Filter Candle Element are made from 304L or 316L stainless steel filter media. Ideal for repeated cleaning and long term uses. Suitable for high temperatures uses and highly corrosive applications.




Pleated SS Wire Mesh Candle Oil Filter is widely used in environmental protection, petroleum, chemical, medical treatment, high temperature gas filtration, scientific research, metallurgy, food, machinery and other industries.



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