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  2. Candle Oil Filter Element PM-30-OR-70
  3. Candle Oil Filter Element PM-30-OR-70

Candle Oil Filter Element PM-30-OR-70

Type: Candle Oil Filter Element PM-30-OR-70
Media: Stainless Steel
Filtration rate: 20μm
OD: 80mm
High: 760mm

Candle Oil Filter Element provide the optimum filtration solution for fluids and gases requiring high temperature and high flow capabilities. Available in cylindrical and pleated designs.

Type Candle Oil Filter Element PM-30-OR-70
OD 80mm
High 760mm
Media Stainless Steel
Filtration rate 20 μm
Features and Benefits:


1. High temperature and high pressure, chemical resistance

2. Good air permeability, much dirt, high strength, good airtightness, long life, and reusable

3. It can be made into cylindrical or folded cylindrical structure, the filter area after folding is 3-5 times the cylindrical area

4. Working temperature: -60-500°C

5. The maximum pressure difference that the filter element can withstand: 2MPa




Fuel nozzle protection in oil burners
Fluidized bed combustion
Condensate water
Water treatment
Seal protection
Pressurized gases



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