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Natural Gas Filter Element

Product: Natural Gas Filter Element
Media: Microglass
End caps: Plastic
Out Diameter: 152mm
Length: 1422mm

Natural Gas Filter Element are high efficiency cartridges specifically designed for the removal of contaminants in critical gas applications.Through decades of experience in the oil and gas industry, we understand that there are many unique gas filtration application needs. Applications and contaminants vary, and we approach every filter cartridge solution based on the specific needs of the application.

Product Natural Gas Filter Element
Type Cartridge
Media Microglass
End caps Plastic
Out Diameter 152mm
Length 1422mm
High filtration accuracy,
stable structure
no pollution to the environment and downstream products,
good compatibility with various fluids



Natural Gas Filter Element applications include protection for valves, meters, regulators, and other equipment in refineries, chemical plants, pipeline stations, and others.

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