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  3. Natural Gas Filter Cartridge 87136

Natural Gas Filter Cartridge 87136

Part number: 87136
Dimension: Standard/Customized
End caps: Plastic
Filter layer: Fiber
Custom made: Avaliable

The Natural Gas Filter Cartridge 87136 is designed to effectively remove contaminants, such as moisture, dust, and other impurities that can reduce the efficiency of your natural gas system. Its unique patented design allows for greater flow rates and longer life, ensuring that you get the most out of your investment.

Product Natural Gas Filter Cartridge 87136
Dimension Standard/Customized
Filter layer Fiber
End caps Plastic
Custom made Avaliable
Installation form:
The service life of the filter element is greatly affected by the cleanliness of the filter medium, and the maintenance of the filter element is also important. When the pressure difference between the two ends of the filter exceeds a certain value, it is necessary to clean or replace the filter element. Cleaning should be carried out in a clean environment to prevent secondary pollution. High pressure backwashing can be used for cleaning, or water backwashing can be used, but the filter element should be dried in a timely manner to prevent rusting of the support frame. Before reinstalling the filter element, be sure to check the position and wear of the sealing ring. If there are any problems, replace them in a timely manner.



Natural Gas Filter Element applications include protection for valves, meters, regulators, and other equipment in refineries, chemical plants, pipeline stations, and others.

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