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SS Gas Filter

Material: Stainless Steel
Length: Custom Made
Outer diameter: Custom Made
End Caps: PP
Filtration rate: 5 μm

 According to the unique properties of the gas, the stainless steel metal mesh is selected as the main filter material, and the filter structure is added to reduce the filter area of the filter element to ensure the passage of gas. Good liquidity, while increasing the amount of pollution. The seal uses a high temperature and low temperature asbestos pad as the sealing material to ensure good sealing of some low temperature gases such as compressed liquefied petroleum gas.


Product SS Gas Filter
Type Cartridge
Media Stainless Steel
End caps PP
Out Diameter Custom Made


mainly used for filtration of automobile engines, natural gas, gas, etc., CNG LPG LNG, etc.

Compressed gas filtration for automotive, ion wind guns, electronic components, pneumatic components, chemicals, detectors

Instruments, medicine and other industries.




high temperature and low temperature, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength, hardness, and other characteristics. Degreasing and degreasing

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