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  2. Oil And Water Filter Separator Elements
  3. Oil And Water Filter Separator Elements

Oil And Water Filter Separator Elements

Custom made Yes
Length: 154mm
Outer diameter: 90mm
Material: Teflon
End Caps: Galvanized


Oil And Water Filter Separator Elements are used as the second stage of a high-performance separation in filter/water separators. After emergence from the coalescer, aviation fuels pass through the pores of the separator element while water droplets are repelled by the hydrophobic separator surface. Water droplets settle into the filter/water separator sump to be drained off.


Product Oil And Water Filter Separator Elements
Custom made Yes
Out Diameter 90mm
Length 154mm
Micron 10
Max Temperature 80℃


Separation filters are usually used to pre-treat water or to polish industrial process water. They are commonly found in water treatment plants and other industrial facilities where the need for filtration is high. In some cases, the particles are not completely separated but are instead collected on or in the filter element, allowing for easy removal and disposal.


High efficiency: discharge acid gas in time to reduce corrosion and wear of machine parts. the mixed exhaust gas is completely recovered, reducing air pollution and improving the economic efficiency of the engine.
Convenient installation: the oil and gas separator filter element 612630060138 is easy to install without modification. after installation, the oil has good lubricity and can be used for a long time.



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