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  2. Oil And Gas Separate Filter
  3. Oil And Gas Separate Filter

Oil And Gas Separate Filter

Material: Stainless Steel
Length: 300mm
Outer diameter: 150mm
End Caps: Galvanized
Filtration rate: 5 μm


1. Filter layer corrugated metal mesh Increase the corrugation strength while protecting the filter layer structure.
2. the skeleton spiral colloid structure greatly enhances the radial compressive strength of the skeleton and avoids excessive pressure difference.
3. Sandblasting can increase the roughness of the bonding surface of the end cap and ensure the bonding strength based on the sealing of the end cap and the filter layer.
4. The precise control of the glue temperature and the amount of glue injected can ensure the product has higher stability.
5. Ultrasonic welding On the basis of improving efficiency, additional suture material is removed to increase product stability.


Product Oil And Gas Separate Filter
Type Cartridge
Media Stainless Steel
End caps Galvanized
Out Diameter 150mm
Length 300mm
Micron 5



Solid-liquid, gas-solid, gas-liquid separation and purification in the fields of petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, aviation, electronics, power, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, atomic energy, nuclear industry, natural gas, refractory materials, fire-fighting equipment, etc.




1. The filtration effect of the particle suspension in the gas reaches 99%
2. It is recommended to replace the differential pressure: when the temperature reaches 135 degrees Celsius, the replacement pressure difference is 4.1 bar.
3. High filtration area, up to 54 square feet, long service life
4. Filtration accuracy can reach 0.5-40 microns

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