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  2. Huahang Replace Mann Oil Mist Separation Filter LE9019
  3. Huahang Replace Mann Oil Mist Separation Filter LE9019

Replace Mann Oil Mist Separation Filter LE9019

Type: Oil Mist Separation Filter Element
Dimension: Standard
Part Number: LE9019
Custom made: Avaliable
Precision: 5~10μm


This oil mist separation filter is made from premium quality materials and is designed using advanced technology to ensure it meets the strictest quality standards. The filter features a durable construction that can withstand high pressure and high-temperature operations without degrading or deteriorating.


Product Oil Mist Separation Filter
Part Number LE9019
Custom made Avaliable
Precision 5~10μm



Metallurgy, petrochemicals, textiles, electronics, pharmaceuticals, thermal power, nuclear power, mechanical processing equipment, railway internal combustion engines and generators, automotive engines and engineering machinery, etc. It can filter lubricating equipment, oilfield injection water and natural gas particle removal filtration, textiles, deionized water, ethanol, etc.




1. The filtration effect of the particle suspension in the gas reaches 99%
2. It is recommended to replace the differential pressure: when the temperature reaches 135 degrees Celsius, the replacement pressure difference is 4.1 bar.
3. High filtration area, up to 54 square feet, long service life
4. Filtration accuracy can reach 0.5-40 microns

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