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  3. Customized Separator Filter Cartridge

Customized Separator Filter Cartridge

Custom made Yes
Length: 340mm
Outer diameter: 90mm
Core: Stainless steel
End Caps: Nylon


The final stage of separation consists of one or more multi-special layered fiberglass/polypropylene coalescer elements. The entrainment laden gas flows from the inside to the outside of the coalescer elements. The innermost layer acts as a pre-filter to remove submicron solids.


Product Customized Separator Filter Cartridge
Custom made Yes
Out Diameter 90mm
Length 340mm
Micron 10
Max Temperature 80℃


 Petroleum refining
Oil / water separation at production process streams and shipment points for gasoline, kerosene,
Petrochemicals and Fine chemicals
Oil / water separation at production process streams for ethylene, styrene, benzene, other
Parts cleaning facilities
Separation of oil from aqueous solutions and rinse water for cleaning of automotive, precision,
electronic, and other parts and components.
Separation of water from lubrication oil.
How to work:


Coalescer and separator ( exclusion ) cartridges
in tandem, for high-volume flow in compact unit.
After emergence from the coalescer, enlarged
water drops collect in the water layer; oil passes
through the pores of the separator cartridge
while intermediate-size water drops are
excluded by the hydrophobic separator surface.
Oil and water leave the vessel through separate



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