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  2. Custom Separate Filter Element 60x272
  3. Custom Separate Filter Element 60x272

Custom Separate Filter Element 60x272

Type: Oil separate filter element
Dimension: 60x272
End caps: White Nylon
Inner Skeleton: 304 punched plate
Filter layer: Composite parts


The Custom Separate Filter Element 60x272 is designed to meet the specific filtration needs of various industrial applications. This filter element provides excellent filtration performance and durability, ensuring your equipment remains functional and efficient, while reducing maintenance costs.


Product Oil Separate Filter Element
End caps White nylon
Inner skeleton 304 punched plate
Filter layer Composite parts





1. High-efficiency performance: The oil mist separation filter element features dense filtration layers that effectively capture oil mist particles as small as 0.01 microns. The filter element is designed to provide high-efficiency performance that ensures only clean, oil-free air is released into the environment.
2. Guaranteed reliability: This filter element is manufactured using high-quality materials that offer exceptional resistance to degradation and corrosion. The use of advanced production technologies ensures that each filter element meets the required quality standards, thus guaranteeing reliability and long service life.
3. Easy installation and maintenance: The oil mist separation filter element is designed with a threaded connection system that makes it easy to install and remove without the need for special tools. Additionally, the filter element requires minimal maintenance, which makes it a cost-effective solution for air purification needs.
4. Low-pressure drop: The filter element features a low-pressure drop that ensures smooth airflow through the compressed air system. The pressure drop is optimized to reduce energy consumption and operating costs while maintaining high filtration efficiency.

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