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  2. Pall Coalescer Filter LCS4H1AH
  3. Pall Coalescer Filter LCS4H1AH

Pal Coalescer Filter LCS4H1AH

Part number: Pal Coalescer Filter LCS4H1AH
Media: Glass fiber
End caps: Galvanized
Out Diameter: 106mm
Length: 1024mm

Coalescer filter is often called a pre-filter because it is usually located prior to an air dryer to prevent oil and particulate from soiling the desiccant. In the area of compressed air purification, coalescing filters are used to separate liquid water and oil from compressed air using a coalescing effect. These filters additionally remove particles.

Part number Pal Coalescer Filter LCS4H1AH
Type Cartridge
Media Glass fiber
End caps Galvanized
Out Diameter 106mm
Length 1024mm
Max Temperature 110℃
Extends the life of the coalescer significantly.
Reduces particulate concentration meeting fluid specifications.
Decreases stability of the liquid/liquid emulsion, thereby making liquid/liquid separation easier.



Separation of oil from water.
Removal of water and caustic from online analyzer sampling systems.
Separation of water from hydrogen peroxide working solutions.Separation of hydrogen peroxide working solutions from hydrogen peroxide.
Femoval of carried-over amine from hydrocarbon downstream of a liquid/liquid amine contactor.

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