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  2. Gas Coalescing Filter PFS1001ZMH13
  3. Gas Coalescing Filter PFS1001ZMH13

Gas Coalescing Filter PFS1001ZMH13

Type: Gas Coalescing Filter PFS1001ZMH13
Media: Fiberglass
End caps: Stainless Steel
Out Diameter: 69.9mm
Length: 247.7mm

Gas Coalescing Filter PFS1001ZMH13 are rugged, inexpensive, high efficiency Filter that eliminate problems caused by oil, water, and dirt in air or gas.Coalescing is achieved by use of a high area pleated glass fiber medium that is surrounded by a non-woven polymeric support and drainage layers. A surface treatment is used that enhances coalescer performance and lowers fouling tendency and pressure drop.

Product Gas Coalescing Filter PFS1001ZMH13
Media Fiberglass
End caps Stainless steel
Out Diameter 69.9mm
Length 247.7mm


Protects process analyzers
Safeguards instrument air operated equipment and systems
Prevents orifice plugging in pneumatic controllers
Improves accuracy of gas measurements in the field or plant
Decreases freeze-out and corrosion problems
Reduces fouling in small gas-driven engines
Provides reproducible high-quality gas for all operations using produced gas


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