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  3. Gas Coalescer Filter Cartridge

Gas Coalescer Filter Cartridge

Product: Gas Coalescer Filter Cartridge
Media: Glass fiber
End caps: galvanized
Out Diameter: 40mm
Length: 50mm

Gas Coalescer Filter are used to remove the solid and liquid particles from the gas stream. Pipeline quality gas is not clean enough for the gas turbines and thus the need for filter coalescers.

Product Gas Coalescer Filter Cartridge
Type Cartridge
Media Glass fiber
End caps galvanized
Out Diameter 40mm
Length 50mm
High filtration accuracy,

stable structure

no pollution to the environment and downstream products,

good compatibility with various fluids



In the oil and gas industry, the petrochemical industry and the oil refinery,coalescer filter are frequently used to remove liquids from gases such as seal gas, fuel gas, heating and cooling gas, injection gas as well as numerous technical gases.

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