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  2. Coalescer Filter CS604LGH13
  3. Coalescer Filter CS604LGH13

Coalescer Filter CS604LGH13

Type: Coalescer Filter CS604LGH13
Media: Fiberglass
End caps: Stainless steel
Out Diameter: 6inch
Length: 40inch

Coalescer Filter CS604LGH13 is processed by a variety of composite materials by a special process,with hydrophilic can not only filter medium nechanical impurities,but also by breaking,coalescing,so that water from the emulsified state separating the medium and large droplets coalesce,to further facilitate the purification of the filter medium is achieved.

Product Coalescer Filter CS604LGH13
Media Fiberglass
End caps Stainless steel
Out Diameter 6inch
Length 40inch


high density gradient, coalescence and fog droplet in gas, efficient filtration precision is high. Stable structure, there is no medium of fibers, won't cause pollution to environment, downstream products.


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