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  2. Ceramic Membrane Filter Element ULP31-4040
  3. Ceramic Membrane Filter Element ULP31-4040

Ceramic Membrane Filter Element ULP31-4040

Product: Ceramic Membrane Filter Element ULP31-4040
Type: Filtration Equipment
Desalination rate: 99.5%
Seal Material: Silicone Rubber
Test fluid temperature: 25℃

The ULP31-4040 ceramic filter element features a unique multi-channel design that provides a large filtration area and high flow rates, which makes it highly suitable for demanding filtration applications. The ceramic material used in the filter element is made of high-purity alumina that ensures excellent chemical and thermal stability, making it suitable for use in harsh environments.

Product Ceramic Membrane Filter Element ULP31-4040
Type Filtration Equipment
Stable desalination rate 98.0%
Seal Material Silicone Rubber
Test fluid temperature 25℃
Desalination rate 99.5%


The separation accuracy is high, the filter level is optional, and the processing effect is very stable.

Strong anti-pollution ability, no secondary dissolution during the separation process, product quality is guaranteed.

High temperature resistance, wide PH tolerance range, good oxidation resistance.

Simple separation process, low energy consumption, easy operation and maintenance.




It is different from the small ceramic membrane experimental equipment in terms of processing capacity. It is mainly used in large-scale industrial production. Specifications and models are optional according to requirements.



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