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  3. G3 G4 Panel Pleated Air Filter

G3 G4 Panel Pleated Air Filter

Product: G3 G4 Panel Pleated Air Filter
Frame: Paper
Media: Glassfiber, Synthetic Fiber
Grade: Custom Made
Size Custom Made

G3 G4 Panel Pleated Air Filter consist of a dry non-woven fabric media which is pleated to give an extended surface area, producing a low initial resistance for the same air volume, making this an energy efficient filter. The pleat is supported by an expanded galvanised steel mesh

Product G3 G4 Panel Pleated Air Filter
Media Glassfiber, Synthetic Fiber
Frame Paper
Grade Custom Made
Filter Size Custom Made

Typically G3 G4 Pleated Panel Air Filters are used as pre-filters on supply air systems to High Performance Bag Filters, or to protect heating or cooling coils from dust build up which leads to system inefficiency. Another common place to see a G4 Pleated Panel Air Filter is to protect fans in extract systems for office blocks or kitchen extract systems.

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