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Efficient Panel Filter

Product: Efficient Panel Filter
Frame: Galvanized
Media: Glassfiber
Wide: custom made
Length: custom made

Each unit is tested by the nano-flame method and has the characteristics of high filtration efficiency, low resistance and large dust holding capacity. High-efficiency air filter can be widely used in optical air, LCD liquid crystal manufacturing, biomedical, precision instruments, beverages, PCB printing and other industries in the dust-free purification workshop air conditioning end air supply. Efficient and ultra-efficient filters are used at the end of the clean room. They can be divided into high-efficiency filters with separators, high-efficiency filters without separators, high-efficiency filters with high air volume, and ultra-efficient filters.

There are also three high-efficiency filters, one is an ultra-high efficiency filter that can be purified to 99.9995%. One is an antibacterial non-separator high-efficiency air filter, which has an antibacterial effect and prevents bacteria from entering the clean room. One is a sub-high efficiency filter, which is often used for less demanding purification space before being cheap.

Product Efficient Panel Filter;
Media Glassfiber
Frame Galvanized
Wide custom made
Length custom made
Process flow:

The flocculating agent is added to the circulating water in the pump, and after the raw water is pressurized by the booster pump, the flocculating agent is uniformly mixed by the pump impeller to suspend the fine solid particles in the raw water and the colloidal substance to perform microflocculation reaction, and the rapid generation volume is more than 5 The micron flocs flow through the filtration system line into a highly efficient asymmetric fiber filter, and the flocs are retained by the filter material.

The system uses gas and water combined flushing, backwashing air is provided by the fan, and backwashing water is provided directly by tap water. The system's wastewater (high-efficiency automatic gradient density fiber filter backwash wastewater) is discharged into the wastewater treatment system.

Working principle:
The most common method for mechanical filtration of sewage treatment, according to different filter media, mechanical filtration equipment is divided into two types: particulate media filtration and fiber filtration. Granular media filtration mainly uses granular filter materials such as sand and gravel as filter media, through the adsorption of particulate filter materials and The pores between the sand particles can be filtered by the solid suspension in the water body. The advantage is that it is easy to backflush. The disadvantage is that the filtration speed is slow, generally not more than 7m/h; the amount of interception is small, and the core filter layer only has the surface of the filter layer; Low precision, only 20-40μm, not suitable for rapid filtration of high turbidity sewage.

The high-efficiency asymmetric fiber filter system uses asymmetric fiber bundle material as the filter material, and the filter material is asymmetric fiber. On the basis of the fiber bundle filter material, a core is added to make the fiber filter material and the particulate filter material. Advantages, due to the special structure of the filter material, the porosity of the filter bed is quickly formed into a large and small gradient density, so that the filter has a fast filtration speed, a large amount of interception, and easy backwashing. Through special design, the dosing, The mixing, flocculation, filtration and other processes are carried out in a reactor, so that the equipment can effectively remove the suspended organic matter in the aquaculture water body, reduce the water body COD, ammonia nitrogen, nitrite, etc., and is particularly suitable for filtering the suspended solids in the circulating water of the holding tank.

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