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SS Air Filter Cartridge

Filter type: SS Air Filter Cartridge
material: Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
End caps: Stainless Steel
OD: 365mm
High: 670mm
The SS Air Filter Cartridge Made from 304 stainless steel, this filter can hold up to the toughest conditions, in both air and grease applications. It can withstand harsh chemicals when it comes to cleaning. The 304 Stainless Steel Filter is designed for applications that require the utmost in filterability. Stainless steel will withstand extreme heat conditions.


Filter type SS Air Filter Cartridge
Material Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
End caps Stainless Steel
OD 365mm
High 670mm
Custom made Available
Company type Manufacturer

Extremely long-lasting

Requires minimal maintenance

Tough and durable due to corrugated design

This stainless filter consists of multiple layers of stainless expanded material, assembled in alternating layers to assure maximum filtering and interal loading capabilities. This filter is washable and reusable.



    Mainly used for air filtration in engineering locomotives, automobiles, agricultural locomotives, laboratories, aseptic operating rooms and various precision operating rooms.


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