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Pulse Bag Type Dust Collector

Type: Pulse Bag Type Dust Collector
Air volume: 4320-8630m³/h
Filtration area: 36㎡
Dust removal efficiency: 99.99%
Custom made: Yes

Pulse Bag Type Dust Collector is a kind of dry dust removal device, also known as the filter separator, it is to use fiber knitting bag filter element to capture the dust in the gas solid particles of dust removal device, its action principle is the dust through the filter cloth fiber were intercepted by inertia effect contact with fiber, collected on the filter bag dust regularly by clearing the ash removal device and fall into ash hopper, and then through the ash system to draining out .

Type Pulse Bag Type Dust Collector
Filtration area 36㎡
Dust removal efficiency 99.99%
Air volume 4320-8630m³/h
Custom made Yes
Company type Manufacturer
Compared with the traditional dust collectors, the Pulse Bag Type Dust Collector adopts the pulse jet dust cleaning technology, which overcomes the shortcomings of conventional pulse jet filter and sectional reverse-blow bag filter. It features strong ash cleaning ability, high dust removal efficiency, low emission concentration, small air leakage rate, less energy consumption, and good economic benefit.


    This type of dust filter is suitable for treating waste gas with a high concentration of dust, widely used in the metallurgical industry, electric power industry, ore industry, chemical industry, especially the cement industry.

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