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  3. Polyester Pleated Cylinder Air Filter

Polyester Pleated Cylinder Air Filter

Product: Polyester Pleated Cylinder Air Filter
Size: 370*368
Material: Polyester fabric+Galvanized mesh
Sealing Ring: EPDM
End Cover: Carbon steel

Micron Pleated Dust Collector Air Filter Cartridges For Cement Plants are modern and reliable for air intake applications. They ensure high efficient filtration of dust and other contaminants even in the most polluted environments. Normally these are made of mixture of polyester & cellulose and Nanofiber media. These media have much better pleat ability & dimensional stability.

Product Polyester Pleated Cylinder Air Filter
Size 370*368
Material Polyester fabric+Galvanized mesh
Sealing Ring EPDM
End Cover Carbon steel
1) Suitable for the filtration of very fine dust type in welding fumes Mechanical processing, pharmaceutical and construction industries And sticky dust collection.

2) Spun bonded polyester with PTFE membrane, microspore Offers 99.99% filter efficiency.

3) Ensure a low steady differential pressure, improve the circulation of air flow.

4) Wide pleat spacing and smooth, hydrophobic PTFE provides excellent particle release.

5) Excellent resistance to chemical erosion.


    Sand blasting, grinding derusting, spraying paint, metal smelting, industrial dust precipitator, cement,steel, thermal power, air conditioning, metallurgical casting, storage battery, packaging, carbon black dust filter, powder,powder, glass, chemical industry, electrostatic, welding fume, container, shipbuilding, abrasive granulation, sand dust collector,air compression station, aluminum plant, conveying, steel plate pretreatment And dust removal on the roof of the warehouse.

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