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  2. Polyester Pleated Cylinder Air Filter
  3. Polyester Pleated Cylinder Air Filter

Polyester Pleated Cylinder Air Filter

Filter type: Polyester Pleated Cylinder Air Filter
Material: Polyester
End caps: Galvanized
OD: 370mm
High: 368mm

Polyester Pleated Cylinder Air Filter is anti-static aluminum coated treatment, the filter surface covered with a layer of thin aluminum breathable conductive coating to avoid static flash, Mainly used in the plasma laser cutting of large-scale steel,shipbuilding,automative, metal processing industry,Weldingsmoke, thermal spray industry and other special conditions

Filter type Polyester Pleated Cylinder Air Filter
Material Polyester
End caps Galvanized
OD 370mm
High 368mm
Custom made Available
Company type Manufacturer
Imported Long Fiber Polyester Filter Media, Fiberinterwoven, Evenly Distributed.

Filter Material Surface Do Waterproof, Oil and Anti Static Processing.

Good Abrasion Resistance, And The Capability Of Withstand Airflow Pulse Inverse Blow Is Better Than Traditional Filter Media.

Excellent Chemical Resistance.

Small Filter Cartridge Element, Easy To Install.

Especially Suitable For Large Dust Concentration Industry.


    1.Industrial air filtration of dut and fumes in many industries: Metallurgy, Cement, Woodworking, Chemicals.

    2.Powder coating, Plasma/laser cutting, Sandblasting, Textiles, Welding and Casting,


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