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  2. Flame Retardant Air Filters Cartridge
  3. Flame Retardant Air Filters Cartridge

Flame Retardant Air Filters Cartridge

Type: Flame Retardant Air Filters Cartridge
Media: Flame Retardant Paper
End Caps: PU
OD: 415mm
Length: 152mm

Air filter refers to a device that removes particulate impurities in the air. When piston machinery (internal combustion engine, reciprocating compressor air filter, etc.) is working, if the inhaled air contains dust and other impurities, it will aggravate the wear of the parts, so an air filter must be installed. The air filter is composed of a filter element and a shell. The main requirements of air filtration are high filtration efficiency, low flow resistance, and continuous use for a long time without maintenance.

Type Flame Retardant Air Filters Cartridge
OD 415mm
Length 152mm
Media Flame Retardant Paper
Features and Benefits:


Cartridges are available with many standard industrial end cap configurations and seal materials.
They are available with optional outer guards for reverse flow or backwashing to enhance their superior robust design.



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