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  2. Fiber Glass Air Filter Element
  3. Fiber Glass Air Filter Element

Fiber Glass Air Filter Element

Filter type: Fiber Glass Air Filter Element
Material: Fiber Glass
Size: 20.8*39
Inner Skeleton: 316 Spring
Outer Skeleton: 316 Punched Plate

The filter element is made of ultra-fine glass fiber material and has a dust holding space of over 90%, making it particularly suitable for gas filtration. The unique ability for particle interception ensures the efficiency of gas particle interception and is suitable for particle removal and filtration of various gases.

Filter type Fiber Glass Air Filter Element
Material Fiber Glass
Inner Skeleton 316 Spring
Outer Skeleton 316 Punched Plate
Size 20.8*39
Custom made Available
Company type Manufacturer
High temperature resistance
High-capacity for long-life
Reliable efficient protection of final sterilization filters
Small size, easy to load and unload


    1.Industrial air filtration of dut and fumes in many industries: Metallurgy, Cement, Woodworking, Chemicals.

    2.Powder coating, Plasma/laser cutting, Sandblasting, Textiles, Welding and Casting.

    3.Pross gases


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