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  3. Dust Collector Polyester Air Filter

Dust Collector Polyester Air Filter

Type: Dust Collector Polyester Air Filter
Media: Polyester
End Caps: Galvanized
OD: 400mm
Length: 400mm

The dust collector polyester air filter can be used for most industrial dust collections. From large particles like wood and grain to micron-sized dust like welding and cutting fume, Our filters can be installed not only in our own dust collectors, but also in other brands of dust collectors. We can provide special filter elements according to customer requirements.

Type Dust Collector Polyester Air Filter
OD 400mm
Length 400mm
Media Polyester
Features and Benefits:


Fewer change out and easy to washed and reuse, less maintenance are required

Available in a lot of lengths to meet different demands and equipment requirements

Plastisol (PVC) end caps/gaskets offer positive seal, large surface filtration area with high flow rate



 Suitable for the filtration of very fine dust type in welding fumes Mechanical processing, pharmaceutical and construction industries and sticky dust collection.


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