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Dust Collector Cartridge Filter

Filter type: Dust Collector Cartridge Filter
Skeleton: 304 diamond mesh
End Cover: 304
Dimension: 150*300
Filter material: Fiberglass

Air filter is a type of filter, also known as air filter cartridge, air filter, style, etc. Mainly used for air filtration in engineering locomotives, automobiles, agricultural locomotives, laboratories, sterile operating rooms, and various precision operating rooms.

Filter type Dust Collector Cartridge Filter
End Cover 304
Skeleton 304 diamand mesh
Dimension 150*300
Filter Material Fiberglass
1) Imported long fiber polyester filter media,fiber interwoven,evenly distributed

2) Filter material surface do waterproof and oil processing.

3) Good abrasion resistance,and the capability of withstand airflow pulse inverse blow is better than traditional filter media.

4) Smooth filter media surface,not sticky.

5) Excellent chemical resistance.


    Sand blasting, grinding derusting, spraying paint, metal smelting, industrial dust precipitator, cement,steel, thermal power, air conditioning, metallurgical casting, storage battery, packaging, carbon black dust filter, powder,powder, glass, chemical industry, electrostatic, welding fume, container, shipbuilding, abrasive granulation, sand dust collector,air compression station, aluminum plant, conveying, steel plate pretreatment And dust removal on the roof of the warehouse.

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