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  3. Dust Collector Air Filter Element

Dust Collector Air Filter Element

Filter type: Dust Collector Air Filter Element
material: Polyester
End caps: Galvanized
OD: 533mm
High: 560mm

The dust collector air filter cartridge provides excellent filtration efficiency and dust release at a economical price point. Most common media for dry and coarse dust.For the majority of dust collection applications nanofiber cartridges are used to provide excellent MERV 15 or higher collection efficiency, increased resistant to moisture and oil, while also having greater durability to withstand rigorous cleaning.

Filter type Dust Collector Air Filter Element
Material Polyester
End caps Galvanized
OD 533mm
High 560mm
Custom made Available
Company type Manufacturer
1. Wood pulp composite fiber filter material, high tensile strength;
2. Wide fold design, large flow, low resistance, high filtration efficiency;
3. Filter material deep corrugated production process, large air handling capacity.
4. HV Nano web Nano fibers with high filtration efficiency up to 99.9%.
5. Internal and external double-net protection; it is not easy to break with pulse back-blowing


    The Dust Collector Air Filter Element are ideal for air filtration of dust and fumes from cement, metal/aluminum, food & beverages, woodwork, chemicals, powder coating, plasma/laser cutting, sandblasting, textiles, welding and casting.

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