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  3. Custom Air Filter Cartridge 180x990

Custom Air Filter Cartridge 180x990

Type: Custom Air Filter Cartridge
Outer diameter: 180
Height: 990
Custom made: Avaliable
Sealing ring: NBR

Our Custom Air Filter Cartridge 180x990 has been built using high-quality materials and innovative technologies to ensure that it will last long and perform at its best capacity. The filter cartridge is designed to be easily replaceable, so you can easily change or maintain your filter without any hassle.

Type Custom air filter cartridge
Outer diameter 180
Height 990
Custom made Avaliable
Sealing ring NBR
One key benefit of dust collector filter cartridges is their ability to filter a wide range of particulate matter, including fine and coarse dusts, fumes, and smoke. This is achieved through a combination of surface and depth filtration, as the filter media captures particles on both the surface and within the depth of the cartridge. This ensures efficient and effective filtration, even in high dust loading applications.

Another important feature of dust collector filter cartridges is their ease of installation and maintenance. These cartridges are designed to fit easily into existing filter housings, and can be quickly replaced when necessary. Additionally, they can be cleaned by a variety of methods, including pulse-jet cleaning or backwashing, ensuring extended service life and optimal filtration performance.




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