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Cartridge Dust Collector

Type: Cartridge Dust Collector
Air volume: 4000-5700m³/h
Filtration area: 96㎡
Dust removal efficiency: 99.99%
Custom made: Yes

The Cartridge Dust Collector system works by sucking air in from a given application and processing it through a filtering system so that particulate can be deposited into a collection area. Then the cleaned air is either returned to the facility or exhausted to the environment.

Type Cartridge Dust Collector
Filtration area 96㎡
Dust removal efficiency 99.99%
Air volume 4000-5700m³/h
Custom made Yes
Company type Manufacturer
The dust collector removes dirt, dust, debris, gases and chemicals from the air, providing cleaner air, which can provide numerous benefits.Improve health and safety,Help you meet compliance regulations


    The Importance of Dust CollectorsIn certain industries — chemical processing, pharmaceutical, food and agriculture, metal and woodworking

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