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  3. 3266 Air Filter Cartridge

3266 Air Filter Cartridge

Type: 3266 Air Filter Cartridge
material: Paper
End caps: galvanized
OD: 320mm
Height 1000mm

Surface Coatings and Chemical Impregnations to improve dust cake release, as well as provide a Hydrophobic and Oleo phobic finishes. Available in Polyester, Cotton, Polypropylene, Polyamide & Aramid staple, multifilament and monofilament yarns as finished bags. In most cases Synthetic Spider-Web Filter Cartridges are custom made in various sizes and constructions to fit your specific requirements, along with high temperature capabilities, fire retardant, PTFE membrane, conductive and high efficiency type materials

OD 320mm
Height 1000mm
Media Paper
End caps galvanized
Custom made Available


Used for the purification of dust produced in machinery manufacturing, sand making, chemical coatings, construction, materials, pharmaceutical production, electronics, wood processing and other industries


    Excellent fiber efficiency
    Wide pleated design, large filtration surface
    Galvanized cap and rhombus inner mesh, good rust resistance, allows good airflow.
    Specialty chlorine rubber gasket to ensure airtight sealing.

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