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  2. 8 Inch Carbon Air Filter Cartridge
  3. 8 Inch Carbon Air Filter Cartridge

8 Inch Carbon Air Filter Cartridge

product: 8 Inch Carbon Air Filter Cartridge
OD: 500mm
Length: 8 inch
Material: Activated carbon

The 8 Inch Carbon Air Filter Cartridge is made of high-quality shell carbon and coal-based activated carbon, supplemented by food-grade binders. It is processed by special technology using high-tech technology. It integrates adsorption, filtration, interception and catalysis. Effectively remove organic matter, residual chlorine and other radioactive substances in water, and have the effect of discoloration and odor removal. It is an ideal new generation product in the liquid and air purification industry.

Product 8 Inch Carbon Air Filter Cartridge
Media Activated carbon
Out Diameter 500mm
Length 8 inch
Filter method:

According to the adsorption characteristics of activated carbon, activated carbon is mainly used to remove pollutants in water, decolorize, filter and purify liquids and gases, and also be used for air purification and waste gas recovery (such as gas benzene recovery in the chemical industry), precious metals Recycling and refining (such as the absorption of gold). Activated carbon is mainly made of substances with high carbon content, such as wood, coal, nut shell, bone, petroleum residue and so on. With coconut shell as the most commonly used raw material, under the same conditions, the active quality and other characteristics of coconut shell activity are the best, because it has the largest specific surface. Activated carbon is a multi-pore charcoal with a very rich pore structure and good adsorption characteristics. Its adsorption is made by physical and chemical absorption, and its appearance is black. In addition to the main charcoal, it contains a small amount of hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen.


The activated carbon filter is a true deep structure with dual functions of filtration and purification. It does not require the addition of a filter aid and does not require carbon treatment.


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