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High Efficiency Bag Filter

Product: High Efficiency Bag Filter
Size: Customized
Material: PTFE
Function: Dust collection
Certificate: ISO&CE

PTFE filter bag is made of 100%PTFE base cloth without adding any other raw materials and additives, which does not change the original characteristics of PTFE. Therefore, the filter bag has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, strong acid and alkali resistance, good friction resistance, difficult combustion and good insulation. cloth itself is not smooth, does not deform, the structure is stable, the strength is high, the service life of the filter bag is effectively extended.

Type High Efficiency Bag Filter
Size Customized
Material PTFE
Function Dust collection
Certificate ISO&CE

Pharmaceutical industry,chemical industry, petrochemical industry, metallurgical industry

High efficiency, multi-layer bag filters
Over 40 sq. ft. of available filter media
Effective removal ratings at 99% efficiency
Available in micron ratings from 1 to 32um

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