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  2. Oil Mist Separate Filter VP1098308
  3. Oil Mist Separate Filter VP1098308

Oil Mist Separate Filter VP1098308

Part number: VP1098308
Filtration rate: 1~25μm
Dimension: Standard/Customized
Working temperature: -30~+100℃
Filter layer: Fiber


Designed to remove oil mist particles from the air, this filter is ideal for use in industrial settings, where oil mist can lead to health hazards and contamination of machinery. The Oil Mist Separating Filter VP1098308 is efficient, long-lasting, and easy to install.


Product:Oil Mist Separate Filter VP1098308

Filtration rate:1~25μm


Nominal pressure:0.02 Mpa

Suitable machine:Air compressor

Certificate:ISO 9000



Working principle :

1. The lubricating oil level inside the oil and gas separator barrel should be controlled at the specified position, usually at 1/2 to 2/3 of the oil sight glass.

2. Keep the secondary oil return pipe and one-way valve unobstructed and in the designated position.


3. Adjust the exhaust pressure to the specified value.


4. The compressor operates at normal temperature and maintains normal pressure.



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