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  2. Atlas Copco Compressor Filter 1613740700
  3. Atlas Copco Compressor Filter 1613740700

Atlas Copco Compressor Filter 1613740700

Material: Paper
Filtration rate: 10-15μm
Filtration efficiency: 99%
End Caps: Plastic
Suitable machine: Air compressor


The Atlas Copco Compressor Filter 1613740700 is your first line of defense against dust, water, oil spray and other airborne contaminants which can greatly lower the life of your equipment.


Product:Atlas Copco Compressor Filter 1613740700

Filtration rate:10-15μm

Filtration efficiency:99%


Suitable machine:Air compressor

Certificate:ISO 9000


The air filter is a paper filter, which has the advantages of excellent filtration. The function of the air filter is to filter the air entering the compressor, so that solid impurities such as dust do not enter the compressor main body, so as to prevent the abrupt increase in wear of the relative slide. At the same time, the presence of dust can also accelerate the oxidation of lubricating oil. Therefore, the dust outside the paper core should be removed in time


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