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  2. Air Compressed Separator Filter 2116010041
  3. Air Compressed Separator Filter 2116010041

Air Compressed Separator Filter 2116010041

Part number: 2116010041
Filtration rate: 1~25μm
Dimension: Standard/Customized
Working temperature: -30~+100℃
Nominal pressure: 0.02 Mpa


Our Air Compressed Separator Filter 2116010041 is an essential tool for any air compressor operation. With a high efficiency filtration system, our separator filter effectively removes dust, debris, and moisture from compressed air, ensuring clean and dry air flow. This helps to prevent damage to your air compressor equipment and ensures optimal performance.


Product:Huahang Air Compressor Oil Separate Filter Element 2901205500

Filtration rate:1~25μm


Nominal pressure:0.02 Mpa

Suitable machine:Air compressor

Certificate:ISO 9000


The air compressor oil separator filter element has unique features that make it the best choice for its purpose. It is made of high-quality materials that withstand high pressure and harsh environment. It has a large filtration area that increases its efficiency in separating oil and moisture from compressed air. The filter element has a long service life, and it is easy to replace once it reaches its end of life.


Working principle :

1. The lubricating oil level inside the oil and gas separator barrel should be controlled at the specified position, usually at 1/2 to 2/3 of the oil sight glass.

2. Keep the secondary oil return pipe and one-way valve unobstructed and in the designated position.


3. Adjust the exhaust pressure to the specified value.


4. The compressor operates at normal temperature and maintains normal pressure.



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