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Our Company Participated In Fire Safety Training

2018-06-09 Share:

On June 7, 2018, our company participated in fire safety training. The training was mainly divided into three parts.




1. Fire prevention:

First, keep the fire exits open.

Second, the circuit should be checked frequently and found to be promptly replaced.

Third, love fire protection facilities, such as fire hydrants, fire extinguishers, fire sandboxes.


2. Treatment in the event of fire:

firstcall a police

Second, evacuation

Third, rescue, fire fighting

Fourth, after treatment


3. Fire escape:


1. Don't be alarmed if you are threatened by a fire. You must calmly determine your position, judge the fire, and do not blindly take action.

2. Employees living in the building do not blindly open doors and windows. Otherwise, they may lead the fire to the room. Do not run indiscriminately. Do not jump off the building to avoid unnecessary casualties. You can hide in the bathroom and close the doors and windows. Cut off the fire and wait for the rescue

3. If the clothes are on fire, quickly take off the clothes or roll on the ground to defuse the flame with your body.

4. When a fire occurs, it will produce toxic and harmful gases to the human body. Therefore, to prevent poisonous smoke, try to stay in the upper wind and use a wet towel or mask to protect the mouth, nose and eyes from toxic and harmful smoke.