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Warmly welcome Customer from Indonesia to Huahang Filter

2017-06-30 Share:

A warm welcome to friend from  Indonesia came to visit Huahang Filter Yesterday.

What's the customer need is coalescing filter cartridge. Coalescing element is  very important in filtration system. When using fuels or other fluids, it is essential that they are free from particulate contamination and free water.If the fluid does not meet the required cleanliness standards, fouling and corrosion of the equipment downstream may occur, leading to expensive maintenance costs and reduced component life. In today’s environment, is also necessary to recover and recycle the ‘waste ‘ fluids from the process . A coalescer is a device for separating immiscible liquids or liquids fro a gas stream.

Huahang Filter Company’s hydraulic oil filter, air dust coCllectors, water filters, filter coalescer and separator have been used in many industries, such as power plant, water filtration solution, electronic plant, beer,chemical, if you want to get a better knowledge about our products, please visit:

We truly appreciate your support and trust for Huahang Filter. Welcome anyone who is interested about Filters Element technical solution,  also welcome to Huahang Filter, you will be satisfied with our answer.