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How To Clean The PP Pleated Filter?

2019-03-13 Share:


PP pleated filter cartridges are used in large quantities, and there is a problem. Is it disposable or reusable? Generally, in strict production, the pleated filter element is disposable. After the differential pressure is detected to the extent of replacement, the pleated filter element will be replaced all at once, and the old one is used as waste recycling. However, in some places where the requirements are not too strict, the folding filter can be cleaned and disinfected and reused, which can greatly reduce the production filtration cost. So, how do you clean the folding filter? Let's talk about the cleaning method of the folding filter and the filter cleaning method:

1. Disinfection with disinfection cabinet: Take the PP pleated filter from the plastic bag and put it in the disinfection cabinet for disinfection at 121 °C for 30 minutes.
2, Do not disassemble and disinfect: PP pleated filter is installed in the filter according to the correct method (fixed plate and filter element interval 0.5mm), steam for 30 minutes.
3, Reverse direction high pressure water rinse: PP pleated filter is generally external pressure type, sewage enters from outside the filter, clean water is filtered out through the middle of the filter. When cleaning the pleated filter, you only need to add high-pressure pulse clean water in the opposite direction to wash, the dirt in the outer filter layer will fall off, and the dirt can be cleaned and cleaned.

The use and cleaning of the pleated filter is important, but the structure of the filter defines the filter capacity of this type of filter, the filtered dirt will enter the filter, and the fibrous microporous pleated filter will be backwashed even with high flow and high pressure. The dirt will not be completely removed, and the microporous pleated filter has pressure resistance and service life, so even if the number of repeated washings is reduced in order to reduce the cost, once the leakage is contaminated, the entire filtration system is not worth the loss, so Only the appropriate cleaning of the pleated filter can be repeated. The best way is to replace it at one time to ensure the filtration effect. There are many filter elements that can be used repeatedly, such as stainless steel sintered filter, ceramic filter, PE sintered tube filter, PTFE sintered tube filter, which are characterized by repeated rinsing from the structure and material, but the price is higher than the pleated filter. Much more, so choosing the right price/performance ratio is a question for every customer.