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Filter Element’s Composition

2019-03-22 Share:


About how to produce the filter element, the following describes the production process of the hydraulic oil filter element.
First, the most basic frame of a mature filter element consists of an end cap, a skeleton, and a filter material.
The end caps are made up of end caps of different materials, such as stainless steel, plastic, carbon steel, aluminum, etc. The processing technology is also different.
The skeleton is divided into two types according to its function. The supporting skeleton and the protective skeleton need to adjust the thickness and the aperture of the skeleton according to the different pressures, mainly to protect the filter material from being damaged.
The filter material is mainly composed of a filter layer and a support layer. Filter materials are mainly divided into: glass fiber paper (for imported paper, domestic paper), plant fiber paper, stainless steel mesh, copper mesh, synthetic fiber felt, water absorption filter and so on. The support layer materials are mainly: galvanized mesh, stainless steel mesh, vegetable fiber paper, copper mesh, and the like.
The main function of the filter material is to filter, according to the requirements, different filter materials can be provided to meet the customer's use.
The above is the most basic structure, according to the different needs of customers, there are also seals, handles, etc.
Different filter elements are not the same according to customer requirements.