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Coalescer Filter Element

2021-12-27 Share:

The general-purpose filters can effectively capture large contaminants in the various pneumatic systems.

But don’t get me wrong here!

I don’t mean they can eliminate all sorts of contaminants.

The flow in pneumatic systems will carry along liquid droplets of water and oil and also some minute solid particles.

Never at any moment dismiss these extremely small particles within the flow stream!

As a matter of fact, failure to eliminate them could cause you great and costly problems.

From experience, they end up destroying important parts in just a short period of time.

The close-tolerance valves, foul desiccant dryers, hose inner tubes, and seals are costly parts to repair.

In a bad working condition, they can easily compromise processes such as paint spraying.

Also, they can end up contaminating pharmaceuticals, food and beverage products.

Of course, you don’t want to consume deadly foods and beverages.

Neither do you want your customers or close relations to consume such.

That is why you need to stay on the safe side by installing the coalescing filter element.

Now, let’s expand more on the design of this equipment.

Well, the general design of the coalescing filter element is such that it successfully eliminates the submicron-size contaminants.

You must be asking yourself how it achieves that!

Design of the Coalescing Filter Element:

The fine fiber meshes form the most important principle in the design mechanisms of the Coalescing filter element.

To perform its role, these fiber meshes usually intercept to enable the capture of the aerosol particles.

Eventually, the smaller particles get amalgamated into larger ones.

As the air moves through the fiber elements, the tiny liquid droplets link up forming larger ones.

Remember that the increase in size is crucial in this particular separation mechanism.

In the new form-the larger co-joined particles- itis much easier to drain them away.

Features Of The Coalescing filter element:

Helps you to completely eliminate the Sub-Micron Contaminants

Idea for the various Adsorbent gases

Topmost performance in the Gas or Liquid service

You can easily access the custom sizes

Functions quite well in a wide range of the corrosive applications

High flow rates, low pressure drops

Completely disposable

You enjoy high efficiency coalescing